VR Guide

This section gives an overview about the VR technology and news. Virtual Reality technology has a promising future. Through the correct hardware and software we get the opportunity to dive into another world. Virtual Reality is a nonphysical equivalent to the real world but with far more potential of innovation in many fields. Virtual Reality can be used in medicine, security or public administration to make things efficient and easy. We use VR for psychology. The most important sense of the human perception is the visual system. More than 70% of all sensory cells are used by the visual perception. To feel present in scene we often need more stimuli than just pictures. For example music and sound are popular to integrate in virtual scenes. But also all the other body sensations like sense of smell, taste, touch, balance, temperature and pain are possible to simulate through the modern technology.

VR Hardware

VirtualWay is not sponsored by any hardware producer, but we receive a lot of questions about what hardware to use and what‘s the state of the art. This is a short list of VR hardware we know and anyone can find by searching on the internet:

VR Software

Maybe it‘s not always the best way to promote big companies and brands, but if you are a beginner in VR development we would recommend to start with software that‘S well known by everyone. There are a lot of great software providers but when starting with the big ones you also get a lot of tutorial materials, videos and fan pages with questions and answers. Both are for free and both have their very own advantages.The two main software programs we recommend for VR development are unity and UNREAL ENGINE.