We want to give every person an opportunity to fight against her or his individual fears. We want to provide high level quality for all our software systems and services. We estimate the results of scientific studies as the basis of all our developments. Our software is kept up to date and our work is driven by the constant urge to improve and to innovate our applications. Our application is a medical treatment and is designed to be utilized by psychotherapeutically professionals. Therefore we demand high standards to Usability of our software application for both, therapists and patients. Our service should always be a sign of deep appreciation for patients and psychotherapists equally. Virtual Way wants to be the best service provider of high quality Virtual Therapy systems.
Virtual Way is always oriented towards the highest standards of software usability, scientific accuracy and technical innovation. We want to provide a standardized tool to every therapist in Germany and Europe but we also want to offer flexible and individual developments of our application. To reach every therapist we will comply with governmental regulations and scientific basis to provide a reliable product. Our system should not just be affordable by the medical insurance companies but for everyone who is suffering a specific phobia. Through our professional application is uncomplicated to handle for therapists and patients. Across a range of VR applications, we withdraw our product from the competition in the way that we will not support any self-medication. We provide an all round service to make sure that our consumers will not be worried about the hardware or software application.