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Virtual Way is always oriented towards the highest standards scientific accuracy and technical innovation.


2016 - 2017

Freelance Consultant Claudia Galetzka

How VirtualWay found me and i became VirtualWay

I gained over 1 and a half years experience as a change management consultant helping a young company figuring out their place on the market. With an innovative product and a young target group there is a lot of potential in making a great costumer journey. I was working out an inhouse market research with past, current and potential costumers in daily exchange with the hired marketing agent. I conducted online surveys and face-to-face interviews to view the perceived service and to get to know the costumers wishes and expectations. It was a great experience to be part of the development of the very own vision and mission statement of a small, but successful business. Even though i worked in big companies with internal behavioral rules and costums, i couldn't know that corporate culture and corporate identity is not easily written down. The atmosphere of a startup company is indeed very different and exciting for me. The small company only has six full time employes which gives me the opportunity to get the insight of all basic processes like controlling, marketing and even investors' aquisition. I'm very greatful to get to practice the knwoledge i gained through my study and being in full responsibility of my own work.

2014 - 2015

The project VirtualWay was brought to life from three of my former fellow students in April 2014. Two months later i became part of the team as a Concept Designer. I really just designed 3 things before I took over the organizational lead of the team. In our free time we developed a VR application using Unreal Engine and the Oculus Rift. The idea was to help people overcome their fear of heights by treating them with an immersive experience. In 2014 two of my teammates left the team. So the two of us worked out an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with videos, website etc. During my bachelors thesis and due to regulations and barriers in German law according to the treatments in a psychiatric therapy we stopped the project in 2015. Since 2016 I am alone working under the brand name VirtualWay as a freelance consultant. Nevertheless I gained a wide network of virtual reality enthusiasts and researches. I learned a lot about taxes and being self-employed. I learned A LOT about leading employees, even though it was a hobby project and a very small team.


2017 - today

BOSCH, Stuttgart Feuerbach

Working Student

Working Student in Mobile Department: - Assisting the Project Management with various administrative tasks - Assisting the event organization (200 guest , two days agenda) with various tasks in preparing, on-side and afterwards - Internal Communication - Internal knowledge management - Workshop conception and conduction - Preparing and analyzing costumer satisfaction


Fraunhofer IAO, Vaihingen

Scientific Assistant

In the department of Workspace Innovation i worked the first time in an agile scrum environment. I was part of different projects, for example researching and creating a management summary of the benchmark of new solutions in the field of innovative workspaces to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency. Part of my work was the analysis of expert interview and literature research in order to gain insights about the most recent trends in individually designed workspaces. I obtained knowledge about a broad spectrum of branches like IT services, finance and trading companies.


2016 - today

Master Communication Research and Media Psychology

University of Hohenheim

Master of communication research and media psychology. Current focus on Controlling and Political science. In my free time i'm studying my most favorite field of all times, the detection of deception.

2013 - 2016

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Business Psychology, 1.9

University of Applied Science Stuttgart

Bachelor‘s program with focus on market research and consulting. Covered courses were basic psychology, biological psychology, controlling, economics, research methods and evaluation, statistics, project management and company management, workshop conception and change management.

2002 - 2012

General Higher Education, 1.7

Martin-Gerbert-Gymnasium, Horb am Neckar, Germany